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    Razors and rust

    I alway use a wine cork as a backer on wet dry, and when using it wet I lubricate it with WD-40. Black rust is not that big of a deal and if you do remove

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    Razors and rust

    Fraser, for me black rust or staining is not active rust and should not spread if cared for in the usual manner. It is also incredibly hard to completely

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    Mr. Wilson

    Razors and rust

    There are a lot of ways to skin a cat here. I'll give you a recent case example from my end. I had a blade with some surface staining and black rust

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    Razors and rust

    I have a question about rust on a razor. I would like to understand what the difference between brown and black rust. Is rust something that has to be

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    Shave of the Day (SOTD) Thread

    Soap - Conk Amber
    Brush - Whipped Dog Silvertip
    Aftershave - Conk Amber
    Balm - 444
    Razor - Le Grelot 71

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