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    Mike's Natural Soaps - review
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    After reading Obie’s review of this soap, I purchased the lavender version. The transaction went smoothly and the item was delivered in 2 days. A sample of Mike’s hard soap was also included with the order. This is smart business practice.

    I filled my Schwarz scuttle with water and nuked for 3 min. Plenty of hot water to soak my Semouge Boar and wash cloth. I dribbled a little hot water from my brush directly into the tin and started loading my brush. Copious amounts of lather started building quickly so I lathered my face and wrapped with the hot wash cloth to prep beard.

    After prepping the beard, I dribble a little more hot water into the tin and whip the excess lather into heated scuttle for heated lather. The lather holds it’s head quite well. No breakdown of suds. If any soap in the scuttle starts to harden, add a little bit of water to reactivate. Mike’s Soaps exhibit excellent glide and moisture retention.

    The scent is very nice and not over powering. The amount of product is well worth the cost of the item. My facial skin is quite smooth and supple. I recommend Mike’s Natural Soaps and find it quite nice in comparison to similar soaps. A great experience and I appreciate the sample included in the package. The extra courtesy and effort this artisan soap maker showed goes a long way in my book.

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    Well done, Mike. Yes, that is a fine soap. I have had many artisan soaps that were useless. Mike's Natural Soap is as you describe it: a quality artisan soap. It is worthy of a gentleman's shave done. Good review.
    Obie Yadgar
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    I love Mikes soap. I have found it can be picky with brushes and water temp, but when it plays on! Leaves my face feeling amazing glad to see he started using tins. I will definitely purchase again!
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    I concur this is a nice soap.
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    I just received my order from Mike's. I ordered on Saturday am and received it on Monday by 10:00 am. I look forward to trying it.
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