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    I use alum after every shave. If you have razor burn, it is the answer.
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    There is also an alum powder available in most grocery strores in the spice section, it has many many uses.
    Used as an aftershave, deodorant, astringent, also used in water purification, etc.
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    I didnt use aftershave anymore . Second year i use after the shaving Balea alum stick ,and im more than happy , with the result . I have grassy skinn and it help me avoid pimples and irritation so far .
    Canot say the same thing abbout aftershaves .
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    I use a combination of both; the alum stick provides an antiseptic shield and the aftershave I apply for the fragrance. I have also seen some vids where the person shaving applies it to the fingers to improve he grip. There are many types of this product in the market, I use the one by Razorock it is nicely packaged. HOG
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