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    Gentlemen, I prefer blades ranging from 5/8 to 7/8, with 13/16 as my favorite. Anything below 5/8 is not much fun for me, even though I have small hands. Through the years I've several 4/8" blades that were superb shavers, but I still prefer the razor to sit comfortably in my hands — and nothing smaller than a 5/8" does.
    Obie Yadgar
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    I am with you on this, although I have owned very good 3/8s and 4/8s razors it has to be a 5/8s or larger to fit my hands as well as my face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcg View Post
    I agree with Walt. And my rotation is sort of oddball: a couple 4/8 Swedish razors, a couple 5/8 Bokers, a 6/8 Sheffield W&B, two 5/8" Worcester Razor Co beauties... All different widths and weights and each a pleasant surprise. I personally like the variety. Nothing ho-hum about the day to day routine!
    What would be a good number of razors to have for a shaving rotation .
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    Quote Originally Posted by old school shaving View Post
    What would be a good number of razors to have for a shaving rotation .
    A minimum of two similar razors should do you! That way you can alternate and know when to send one out for honing.
    Anything over two starts to add cost to a basic process.
    It is no surprise that we here have added some to that basic!

    Enjoy your journey!
    "" A purpose is the external condition required for success.""
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    Oh i have honed few 4/8 and few 3/8 and the 3/8 are hard to hone in the last part as you say but slowly things hapened . the 4 / 8 seems more stable on the hone and i never had such problems with them
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