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    Handmade custom pipes
    Hello guys i whant to show the pipes that i made and i sell
    They are cheap , but intresting so if someone like a pipe or has a custom order , can contact me
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    Very nice work Rusen!

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    Those are very nice pipes. My dad smoked a pipe. When I was younger I tried smoking a pipe but could not get the hang of it. It would get soupy or I would smoke it like a cigarette and it would get too hot and burn my mouth. I quit smoking years ago.

    One time I remember when I was a boy we were out on the beach and my dad was fishing off the shore. You had to cast way out with a weighted line to get past the breakers. He made his cast and his pipe got caught and went out with his line. You could see his pipe smoking like a steamship as it floated out to sea.
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    Oh Mike those are beautyfull memorys
    Tha hang of te pipesmoking is the filling of the pipe and the slow smoking
    You do not inhale like the cigarettes . there is a hole new world of fragrancess ant tastes in the pipe smoking and US pipe tobacco =
    American goods are also very good - i try lately 3 US soaps and i like them a lot

    the first is from the Strop Shoppe - it is called a Barbershoppe with talow

    second is Barister and Mann - Solstiece
    and third is a from Shanons soaps LTD - Silk Pajamas

    Those US googs are good stuff , i cam=n definetly use to such hight quality goods
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