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    I use an 11x achromat loupe for viewing. Micro-chipping is visible in viewing a blade's edge in silhouette. Any micro-chips above 11x, or 20x max, I'd rather not know about. The stone I sent Mike has a little more black streaking than the other two vintage ones I've been using, but like I said, I pushed the edge with both of them leading to micro-chipping at 11x. I have a mottled VT slate and a purple VT slate from recent quarrying, also used with oil. The mottled slate I had been having good results with as part of an Arkansas oil-stone progression; but again, recent extending of the lap count there appears to damage the edge. Haven't tried that purple in a while as it always felt a bit too brittle for my taste.

    By the way, I want to mention that Mike has been a real gentleman in not announcing his findings straight away.
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