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    Zenith Dry Hone Differences
    I have 2 Zenith Dry hones (Shown) and there is a ton of difference between them. The larger has no box top so I can't comment on the source but the thinner one is distributed by Marshall-Wells Co. - Deluth, Minn

    I wonder if the formulation is different and maybe even the manufacturer?

    Does any one have any experience with these?

    Darn, I still can't figure out how to embed pictures.
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    I cannot see your picture. I have a Zenith hone. Being a novice, my comments are low value. I have a razor that shaved pretty close as purchased, but was rough on my face. I think the owner must have sharpened it on something course. I hit it a few times on the Zenith and it was much more comfortable.
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    links works but i am sorry i have never tried one.
    May be someone else knows.
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    My Zenith hone looks NOTHING like the ones in the link.
    I missed the link earlier (tried clicking the picture which did not work).
    Mine is brown, one color through and through.
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    Yeah my Zenith is different as well. It looks a lot like my lakeside. It even comes in the same type wooden box as the lakeside. Sorry not much help.
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