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    Journey of learning / Kropp is favorite / thanks Modine
    Greetings one and all,

    After about 7.5 months of practice, I can get an acceptable but not quite perfect shave. The chin/mustache area is getting better, but is still sub part compared to when I used the Mach 3.

    I had my razors honed by an sharpening expert (thanks Modine, sharp edges make me happy) because I had questions about
    1. were my razor(s) sharp enough
    2. or was my technique bad

    It may have been both, but for sure practice has helped greatly - because only after many months can I get a decent shave. I cannot match my Mach-3 in some areas, but the delta is getting closer.

    I got frustrated and hit a some of the razors on a pasted strop (I think I did this 3 times). All other stropping was on the unpasted side.

    My favorite razor is the Kropp (followed by the German razor). The Kropp has only seen leather since Modine honed it.

    This post seems of low value as I review it, but maybe it will help a new guy to hang in there.....
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    Hi Jody glad to hear that you are hanging in there. Are you using any “XTG” across the grain or “ATG” against the grain passes? I touch up with a DE razor round the chin and lip area. It's your face.

    Do you shave every day? One thing I have noticed for me is that if I let my beard grow 48hrs or longer the following shave is much smoother.
    "Focus on where the razors spine is during the shave." This will allow you to make pitch adjustments to the blade angle reducing the chance of cuts.
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    I use 3 passes: down, across, and up. I think I am pressing harder than I used to (both on the strop and when shaving). I use less direction changes on the chin and mustache.
    I do shave daily.

    I started using a stronger soap on my face when washing it (acquired from the Greek tourist shops in the area). I leave it on until it starts burning a bit, letting me know that I should rinse it off.

    I am annoyed at having to stop so many passes, so I am cutting back a few passes each week to hopefully speed this up.

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