Thread: cracked blade / grind away part of blade possibility

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    cracked blade / grind away part of blade possibility
    At the flea market I saw a blade that had a crack about 1/2 way up the blade, perpendicular to the blade.

    Is there any merit to grinding away 1/2 of the blade to make a short edged razor out of it?
    I did not buy it, but it could be that it could be had for a song.

    Cheers & God bless.
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    Honing an 8/8 to end up with a 4/8? Or a 6/8 to end up with a 3/8? I wouldn't be inclined to make the effort. And this is coming from a guy who recently honed a razor covered in devil's spit. On the other hand, it might be worthwhile as a practice beater razor, not with the intention of using it, on account of the crack, but for experimentation. Suffice it to say that I wouldn't want to pay much or anything for a razor with a crack halfway up the blade.

    Edit: oops, I see what your getting at: you want to make a "shorty" out of it. Folks have done that. I suppose it all depends on how long the shortened razor will be and what you're comfortable with there. I forget, it's been so long, DE blades are how long? They are, in essence, "shorties."
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    Shorty - yes - I did not know the term.
    The guy appeared insulted at my offer today, so I did not acquire it.
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